Disposable Camera 2: British Summer Time

I took these photos in the summer of 2019 in several locations across England and never had a chance to share them. Looking back at these pictures now brings a strong sense of nostalgia, made only more prominent by the blurry low-quality retro vibes resulting from the disposable camera use.

Here are some shots of Cambridge.

This pub was only about 5 minutes from my house. You can get a heaping plate of fish and chips for only 5 pounds on a Sunday night there, and it’s popular with students living in the colleges nearby.
No trip to Cambridge is complete without a punt down the river. The river’s always crowded on a sunny day such as this.

These two pictures above were taken from the exact same spot, I just turned around to take one and then the other, so you can imagine how pleasant the whole 360 view is from there. I might’ve taken these two photos on my birthday, when I went to sit down by the river at St. John’s to read a bit and contemplate aging and the passing of time on my own.

I had tea with friends in Grantchester, and went to a food festival in Parker’s Piece over one weekend.

Gratnchester Meadows, a place where you can have very British tea and also a Pink Floyd song.
Parker’s Piece

I spent some time in London as well that summer.

One of the funnest things I did that summer was go to a music festival at Hyde Park called British Summer Time. I saw one of my favorite bands — The National — perform, and had what I felt was my first real summer music festival experience. It’s hard to imagine a time when so many people mingled so closely together one year into a quarantine period, but I did experience that.

Relaxing in between sets.

The sun is a rare sight in England, so British people do seem to overcompensate in these short months and spend as much time as possible lying down on grass under the sun. Even though at home in Jakarta I hide in an air-conditioned room on particularly hot days, I assimilated myself to British culture this summer and spent some time outside too. It was a fun time.

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